About overcoming obstacles and finding fulfilment, using my personal Mission Statement Inspire, Be Kind, Have Fun

Sara Orsbourn - Discover Coach - Training 2.

About overcoming obstacles and finding fulfilment, using my Personal Mission Statement: Inspire, Be Kind, Have Fun.

My areas of interest are the changing world of work after Coronavirus, building on my knowledge as a corporate caterer within the City, knowing the importance of hospitality and personal interaction – how will the workplace change in the future?

I project managed the development of a collaborative workspace, just before “Lockdown” and working from home hit the market. So, is the workplace going to change both in design and geography? How long are we going to be socially distancing for? Will the office ever be the same again? Is working from home here to stay?

As an NLP practitioner, I have presented on conflict resolution as well as using the techniques I have learned to devise engaging and memorable presentations.

Sara Orsbourn - Discover Coach - Workshop 2.

My other services


Assisting people to recognise what they want out for their career or home life and work with them to reach their goals.


Running workshops with businesses and schools to build cooperation, collaboration self-knowledge and success.


Using DISC to profile individuals and teams helping them to understand themselves and their relationship to others.

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