Using DISC to profile individuals and teams helping them to understand themselves and their relationship to others and ultimately give them the gift of self-knowledge.

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Discover Coach - DISC Profiling

On-line DISC profiling

I believe everyone wants to know a little bit more about themselves?

One to one

Wouldn’t you also like to know how other people tick and relate to you?

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By the end of this session you will have increased your knowledge on both counts

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You have completed an exercise, now we can look at your personal profile so that you can understand yourself and how you relate to others!


I know you will find this both interesting and useful!!

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Assisting people to recognise what they want out for their career or home life and work with them to reach their goals.


About overcoming obstacles and finding fulfilment, using my personal Mission Statement Inspire, Be Kind, Have Fun​!


Running workshops with businesses and schools to build cooperation, collaboration self-knowledge and success.

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