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Our Brand Story

A love of people and food led Sara to discover a career in the hidden world of Corporate Hospitality, where tough City bankers and lawyers entertain to impress their equally demanding clients with Michelin starred food and service in panelled room overlooking the ever expanding City skyline.

A few floors below people are enjoying their lunch break in a restaurant serving 10 different choices every day. Down at reception customers and clients are greeted by slick efficient and welcoming Receptionists. These are the people who keep the wheels of commerce turning and they are the exceptional individuals who belonged to the teams that Sara managed.

Great teams are made up of motivated individuals, so she has taken all the experience added training in DISC Personality Profiling, NLP and a Personal Performance Coaching Diploma to help other people achieve their dreams and ambitions and reach that magic “Sweet Spot” whether it be within their personal life or work.

Sara discovered she had gained these amazing skills and wanted to be that person who helps other people to bring their potential to the fore so now she is coaching individuals teams and groups to discover their own ambitions, abilities and futures.