Survive and Thrive COVID-19 – with the help of 4 Free 45-minute workshops

Sara Orsbourn - Coaching

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I have been collaborating with the Raise Your Game Partnership over the last 10 weeks who have developed a brilliant programme to help with your wellbeing, confidence and general loveliness!

The subjects we have covered include Self Belief, Gratitude, and Taking Back the Power plus many more.  Although we are developing the guide  to a more fulfilled life, I have also learned so much about myself and it made me realise how little time we actually spend looking and questioning ourselves about the life we lead, the choices we make and most importantly where are we heading and how much control are we taking of that future.

The sayings – “Start with the end in mind” – “Failing to plan is planning to fail” are so resonant.  When I got divorced, I didn’t think about the process which many will know by personal experience or just watching from the side-lines, I thought about how my life would be different when all the acrimonious  hurly burly was over, that’s what kept me going.  When I diagnosed with Breast Cancer, it wasn’t so much about the treatment it was looking ahead to what I would be doing once all the hospital appointments were over.

The one goal you can set yourself is to take control of the things you can control in this mad world. Events will always happen be they a global pandemic or personal to you, it’s how you plan to come out the other side that will make the difference.

Come and join Dr Rosy Daniel and Paul “Stalkie Stalker for 45 minutes a week for just 4 weeks to get a free insight into some COVID busting tips and exercises to survive and thrive into your future.

Starting 25th November

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