Using DISC personality profiling to get the best from you and your team

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Personal Performance Coach and DISC Personality Profiling

This is what I do

I train

Running workshops with businesses and schools to build cooperation, collaboration self-knowledge and success.

I coach

Assisting people to recognise what they want out for their career or home life and work with them to reach their goals.

I speak

About overcoming obstacles and finding fulfilment, using my personal Mission Statement Inspire, Be Kind, Have Fun​!

I profile

Using DISC to profile individuals and teams helping them to understand themselves and their relationship to others.
Sara Orsbourn - Discover Coach

Supporting people to achieve things they didn’t know were possible!

Sara Orsbourn

Through my company DISCOVER I absolutely love helping people achieve the goals, aspirations and ambitions they didn’t know were possible.
I support teams and individuals through Personality Profiling as an accredited DISC profiler, I’m an NLP Practitioner and am now studying to be a Personal Performance Coach as I work towards gaining my Coaching Diploma. I assist people to recognise what they want out or their work or home life and then work with them to reach their goals I have run workshops in schools and businesses and now I can Zoom with individuals and groups to support you through these strange times.

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